What is Learning Battle Cards project? | Learning Battle Cards

What is Learning Battle Cards project?

Learning Battle Cards is a space for sharing knowledge and experiences about forms and methods supporting learning, training and development of people in all age.
It consists of three layers:

  • Content (database) which is crowdsourced, life and focused on the subject. 
  • Website (social space) which is  open, personalized, specialized and global.
  • Cards & tools (paper) which are playable, inspirational, usable and updatable.

Every educator (person dealing with education, training, learning, assessing, designing instructions, HR, etc.) will find a lot of valuable inspirations and fun with LBC.

By Learning Battle Cards we want to:

promote rich learning

  • by describing new T&D tools and forms
  • by sharing best practices in using traditional T&D methods

„train-the trainers”

  • by showing variety of T&D tools and forms
  • by bulding good understanding of all T&D methods
  • by delivering hands-on tools

integrate educators around their professional expertise

  • by building space for contributing and sharing

support market development

  • by gathering data and monitoring trends

Learning Battle Cards (LBC) idea, deck of cards, LBC tools and website has been created by XY Learning Team - a group of practitioners of applying modern technologies in learning. It will be constantly improved – both from the functionality and content side. If you want to engage in development of this concept – please, contact us at contact@xylearningteam.com

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