LBC Canvas Creative Commons

We are very happy to announce that we release one of our products Learning Battle Cards Canvas Model free of charge on Creative Common license!

Our Canvas Model is a "7 Windows of Instructional Design" framework board, a tool to design main components of L&D project and to address the important process stages. Now you can download it from here in "pay per tweet" formula, simply print your LBC Canvas Model and enjoy projecting unlimited learning journeys within our framework.

With our LBC Canvas model, you can:

  • Design yourself or in a team complete and effective learning processes,
  • Make sure, you have included all the required elements of a learning process within your scheme,
  • Study what are the critical aspects when creating a learning process,
  • Graphically present your learning journey plan to the stakeholders (management, HR directors, people unrelated to L&D field).

Should you wish to use a high quality big B1 format (707 mm x 1000 mm or 27.8 inches x 39.4 inches) LBC Canvas Model you can order it here - 40 LBC Canvas sheets or here - 20 LBC Canvas sheets + LBC Deck bundle.

We are truly curious about your experiences with LBC solutions. Please share stories about how LBC tools helped you in your instructional design endeavors with us. We will publish the best use cases on our website and their authors will be rewarded with a selection of LBC tools.

Learning Battle Cards (LBC) idea, deck of cards, LBC tools and website has been created by XY Learning Team - a group of practitioners of applying modern technologies in learning. It will be constantly improved – both from the functionality and content side. If you want to engage in development of this concept – please, contact us at